Monday, May 30, 2011

I LOVE buttons!

I've just realised something totally extraordinary; out of the blue. I undoubtedly, full-heartedly, adoringly, love buttons! No, not the kind that appear on your blouse or jeans, the type that is sitting right beneath your fingers right now- on your keyboard...

Is this an anti-climax?

Whatever it is, it is a realisation I simply must share. So, pull up a chair, and hear my hearty plea:

* Buttons are reliable

* Typing is fun!

* My keyboard's buttons are beautifully black and have a matte finish...

* There is a subtle nuance about lightly pressing a button and eliciting a reaction

* Input -> output = Happy me:)

My buttons:



  1. Your "buttons" help us express thoughts into intelligible symbols. So, yep, they're pretty cool :)

  2. Those aren't buttons. They're keys :P

  3. And sometimes if you press the right buttons you can push someone else's buttons.

  4. It's not funny!! I feel the same too at times..I like the subtle touch to trigger an action onscreen..especially, when you buy a new laptop and all keys have matte finish...feels a tickle! However, you could have said 'I love keys'!! ;) Have fun..

  5. @ Doug: Thanks. Exactly what I think.

    @ Jason: Haha, yes yes... Laugh at me;) 'buttons'sounds cooler than keys. Imagine if I had said: "I like keys"? It just doesn't have the same ring to it. and I love to say "buttons" "buttons" "buttons"... It's perfectly normal, I promise;)

    @ nothingprofound: That is so true! I love how you can turn anything into an aphorism.

    @ Fiducia: Thanks for siding with me. Exactly! There's something so nice and sublte about pressing a button/key/whatever and it works. The same can not be said for old keyboards, although there is a charm to 'sticky-keys' too sometimes... lol


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