Thursday, June 30, 2011

'Here's What I Think' Thursdays: Vodacom

Hmmm, so it looks like I haven't been living up to my whole 'Here's What I Think' Thursday challenge. The intention was to comment on a news article each week, and, um, that hasn't really been happening. The challenge was left out in the cold, without a blanket, but now I've decided to give some heat where it's due. Bring on the opinion, for now. I can't guarantee what will happen in the future but I can control the now, which is what the spontaneity of life depends upon.

The spark to the fire = one of today's events in South Africa.

Here's a news article describing what happened:
Vodacom network restored after failure

In one word: Fail!

Vodacom cellphone owners were not happy today regarding the complete loss of network signal (for 'some' users, apparently, which amounts to quite a lot, including me) from midday today. It completely inconvenienced and baffled many, who tried to frantically contact their loved ones to no avail. Asking passers by if they were on the opposition cellphone networks cell C, MTN or Virgin Mobile, and begging to use their phones, only to find out that their loved ones could not be reached, obviously, because they were on Vodacom too. Uh oh, resorting to land line usage is the last straw indeed, hoping and praying that someone was at home to pick up.

Haha, OK, I might be over exaggerating just a teensy weensy bit. Maybe many users managed fine. I didn't. Luckily my dad found me in the mall and worked out where I was going to meet him, even if it was 2 hours later than it could have happened. It also made me grateful that I'm out of school and didn't have to organise pick up, and then it made me really grateful that I was not stranded on some dodgy patch of road with a flat tyre or something.

This suddenly made me grateful, to the extreme degree, that cellphones exist. What would we do without them? It also made me think, a great deal, about our complete and utter dependency on cellphones, which can be a dangerous thing, for the same reason: what would we do without them? I mean, people managed fine before they were invented, but now we're often totally dependent.

Putting all our trust in technology seems like a stable option at the time, but the lesson I learned from today's experience is: always have a Plan B that is organised, and don't rely completely and wholeheartedly on technology. It might crash, fail, or disappoint you.

P.S. My phone still says: No Access to Network which doesn't align with Vodacoms story that everything is "restored"...


  1. Your article was entertaining. I don't own a cell phone. I LOL at cell phone addicts, who can't or won't shut their electronic baby soothers off, and communicate without interruption with people they are face to face with.

    I manage fine with a land line only, and for many years before I had a land line I managed very well without a phone at all.

    They may be convenient but I'm appalled when I hear parents state their kindergarten kids and grade school kids need cell phones for "safety sake". (She rolls her eyes skyward). The parents drop the kids off at school and pick them up, and they need a cell phone for "safety sake"! No way I buy into that nonsense which I consider to be a characterictic sign of paranaoid parenting. I'm concerned that the kids may develop brain tumors future and I say so.

  2. Haha, I LOL at them too;)

    It's crazy that young children have access to cellphones. Humankind managed fine before, and, as you said, there's a definite health hazard. I worry about future generations.


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