Monday, June 27, 2011

Thanks Wan from Cooking Varieties:)

A huge thanks to Wan from Cooking Varieties for these awards: 
I appreciate them so much:)

Wan is a very talented individual both in the blogosphere and in cooking. She comes from Malaysia and as she said, it's great to be able to connect with others in different parts of the world through blogging.

I love the unique dishes she displays in her blog: Cooking Varieties: Food and Health Benefits, and I also love her warm and giving personality. She appreciates the wholesome things in life:)


I recently awarded her the sunshine award and she sent this beautiful thank-you note which brought even more sunshine, and just proves that she is a burst of sunshine:)

Don't hesitate to visit her great blog: Cooking Varieties: Food and Health Benefits. You'll definitely find interesting and delicious recipes that will have your mouth watering (and they're healthy too!)

Here's some more exciting news:) I'll soon be passing the two awards on to other talented bloggers, so stay tuned for the award ceremony which is coming soon to a Fire in My Eyes near you...(I've always wanted to say that. hehe;)

     ♥ One Lovely Blog awards: Friday, 1 July 2011
        (on a totally unrelated note, the 1st is also my 21st Birthday... Yay!!!)

     ♥ Best Blogger awards: Friday, 8 July 2011

Blogging love to everyone!
Hope you have an inspiring day. OK, who am I kidding... It's Monday. Let's rephrase that...
I hope your Monday is better than Mondays have the tendency to be;)
Enjoy the lighter sides of life.
Have fun!


  1. Makes me yet to pass on your awards to talented ten others...gotta do it soon in my poetic realms..:)) Congrats on the awards..!

  2. Conga-rats on the awards! I too love how many different types of people you can meet through blogging, it is amazing! Much blogging love to you, too!

  3. Ah, don't feel bad Fiducia! Seriously, all good things happen in good time;)Thanks. Have a good week:D

    @Remy: Thanks:D It's always good to spread blogging-love. It's an escape for my inner Hippy!


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