Thursday, April 26, 2012

Doodle Challenge on Hold

Doodle Challenge is on hold until further notice. 

The reasons for this are varied...
but it's mainly because I made an irrational commitment this year, in my FINAL year of university (honors) which is much more difficult then I expected. Yes, I do compulsive, irrational things. lol.

Keep smiling!

I'm really sorry to break this challenge/commitment but, trust me, it's needed. 

But please, stick around and go through the doodles that have been posted so far. I beg of you. I'll be spying on my stats and comments. lol. Please still spread the word about my little shop in Zazzle-land and doodles if you feel positive about them. I will really come back to the doodles when I feel I have more time. This might be next year.

Much blogging love!

I'll miss this.


  1. Don't worry. You're forgiven. ;) You just worry about school. That's way more important. We can wait!

  2. I'm coming towards the end of university too so I know your pain! Just two exams to go and I'm freeeeee!


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