Saturday, March 31, 2012

#198 and #197 Doodle Challenge

Hi Friends and Visitors!

Sometimes, I wonder if I played too many games when I was smaller...

#198 Doodle Games

Image Credit: Flameheart (own image)

I did. Mostly Pacman on the PC and Snake, that game on those old Nokia phones.

Yes, I had a Nokia 3310 for quite a while, until I dropped it in my tea (true story. Really really embarrassing, but true story).

#197 Doodle Twirls

Image Credit: Flameheart (own image)
Twirls. I've always doodled twirls. What can I say?

I can probably say quite a lot, about the meaning of doodles and why I would doodle twirls, of all things.

At first I thought it was a confusion thing, but there is a theory that it's about what you take in versus what you give out.

Mostly, though, it's fun.

Did you play games like Snake and Pacman? How has that affected your outlook on life?
(haha, I am not sure this goes very deep as a philosophical question but you never know)

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Friday, March 30, 2012

#200 and #199 Doodle Challenge

Hi Friends and visitors!

I hope you like the new blog layout. I've made a pact with myself that I'm actually going to stick with this layout for a very long while, especially after discovering that my compulsion to change the blog did not help with my search ranks... I'll stick to one layout for this WHOLE YEAR. Yes, I said it. Let's see if I can stick to that challenge.

Here are the doodles:

#200 All you need is love
Image Credit: Flameheart
It is one of my favourite things to say, even if it is "cleché", it makes a whole lot of sense on so many levels. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
Love is all you need, and there's a cheering little guy to the left. Isn't he cute? (Let's ignore that he's a stick figure for now).

#199 The attack of the stick men!
Flameheart drew this

Let's face it, smiling stick figures can have an eerie feel to them, but I'm a stick-figure junkie! In fact, I wrote a poem about stick figures today. Read it here.

It might be a good idea to NOT make reference to the fact that I study art right now. Stick figures are just cool, okay? ;)

By the way, I do seem to use the word "stick" a lot, in different contexts. (re-read the post with this in mind... See?)

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How do you feel about love? doodles? Stick figures???

Have you got some stick for that figure?

  • It's talked about in art circles
  • It's avoided like the plague.
  • My art teacher nearly fainted when she saw one (not)
  • People run away,
  • screaming for their lives,
  • But I... I run towards...
  • The sharp edged outline
  • With undefined clothing
  • The stench of mediocrity:
  • The Stick Figure 
 *insert horror movie fear-inducing music here*
  • Don't let their harmless appearance fool you.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

I never stick to my long-term goals.

Image: federico stevanin /
I said it. It's what I do, and you know what? There is not necessarily a problem with that. Most of the time, sticking to longer-term goals is actually not essential.


Because people are constantly-changing beings. We change all the time. What I wanted last year may not be what I want this year, and what you wanted last year might not be either. It's not that we shouldn't have any goals and that we shouldn't strive for them. We should. We should be passionate about what we do at all times, and if you get bored of what you are doing, why not change it? You might find something that you're really passionate about that will keep your drive going for a while. I just love the feeling of having short term goals and being really passionate about them, and then I sort of go where life takes me from there. I do not HAVE to be at a certain point in ten years time. That all depends on circumstance anyway.

I'm going to contradict myself a little (and agree with myself) and say that long term goals are not totally inessential. It is great to dream, and I often jot down where I want to be in the future. I just don't mind if I'm in a totally different place to what I imagined. Life should be dynamic!

This might not necessarily work for you. It's just the way I live, and my reflection of the world.

I'm sure there are many people who stick to their long term goals because they find something that they are so passionate about that it will carry them through for 20-40 years. Of course it also takes  a lot of discipline on their part.

How do you deal with goals and do you accomplish them?
How does that make you feel? 

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#202 and #201 Doodle Challenge

I've nearly posted fifty doodles. Whoohoo!!! In case you haven't picked it up, the doodle numbers count backwards so it's a doodle challenge countdown. How exciting!

Again, I am reminded of the Time Warp. Don't know why, because it should be: The Final Countdown.

Here are the two doodles for today:

#202 Sunflower Doodle

Introducing: Sunflower doodle! Okay, I know it's a bit plastered with copyright messages, but I'm thinking of using it on my zazzle store.  It is definitely more design-like than many of my previous doodles, but It still has an element of the subconscious. In a way, maybe all art does.

I doodled it to the tune of Bob Dylan.

I went all out on the copyright messages here. It actually adds to the design quite nicely...

You might also notice that I photo-shopped a few elements out of the sunflower doodle to become my new blog header image... Then again, you may have not. lol.

#201 Star-creature Doodle

This one actually is for sale in my zazzle store, and I have become a little obsessed with him. He struts around looking so cute over there. Note to self: do not become a weird doodle-obsessed person who invests energy fantasising about the secret world of star-creature. That didn't work. I'm still obsessed.

Quirky Creations doodle
Apparently, I'm also obsessed with ownership today...

What do you think of these two doodles? Do you like star-creature?

Don't you love getting lost in doodle-fantasies? Or is that just me? Haha, never mind.

Just pick a doodle. Which is your favourite?

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Doodle Challenge Update

I knew this would happen.

There were bound to be glitches in the doodle challenge but they are more like safety bumps so there is no need for widespread panic just yet.

Step away from the red line.

The good news is that I named the challenge 250 doodles in 250 days so now, I've decided, it's fine if it's not every single day. I can still fit 250 doodles into 250 days. In the name of chocolate, I will get this done!

The last doodle-post was on 14 March, so that means I've missed 14 doodles including today. It's not like I don't have many many doodles. I do. It's more the fact that I haven't had the time to photograph the things and make them all presentable for you guys. From tomorrow (29 March) to 11 April (a 14 day period), I'll be posting two doodles per day, and if I don't... I have to do 50 push-ups. In other words, I'll post those doodles. It's a mini challenge! 28 doodles in 14 days =D

Sorry for sharing my calculations with you... It helps my thought process along.

Viva Challenge!!!
It will be done =)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

#203 Doodle Challenge

This pic was in blue pen, but the desaturation did it some justice.

#204 Doodle Challenge

Interesting with the crop... no?

Zazzle is a great idea

And... Introducing the new quirky shop on the block...

Ever since I heard of Zazzle, I've been enchanted with the idea of putting a design on just about anything you can imagine. I'm talking mugs, clothing, buttons, fridge magnets and even cushions and, wow... plates!!! The list goes on and on and on and it never ceases to amaze me and make me absolutely, extremely, mind-blowingly excited about the idea *grin*.

... it's Quirky Creations! My new Zazzle store.

It's based loosely on the idea of quirkiness, wackiness and doodles. Basically, that means whatever I decide to put up there that I think could make people happy. Happy Birthday Mugs, Arty badges (buttons) and fridge magnets are a few of the things I have in mind, and a selection of my favorite designs are there already, with more to come.

Here is an example of what you'll find in the shop:

The perfect design for new love

Things you'll want to note down...

Quirky Creations, a store on Zazzle:

Facebook Fan Page:

Hope you find something that your heart desires and enjoy your day!

PS: 14% discount on Zazzle today! 

Sunday, March 11, 2012

#209 Doodle Challenge

Okay, because I've thought this over from a spammy point of view, I decided to do 4 doodles tomorrow, instead of another 3 tonight and 1 tomorrow>>> *peace* and sorry if you felt inundated with posts.

Number 9
(for today's catch-up)

#210 Doodle Challenge

>>Sorry for the insane amount of posting today<<

Number 8
(for today's catch-up)

#211 Doodle Challenge

PS. I really hope your reader does not feel spammed by the large number of posts today! Sorry :/ It's kinda a special day--> out of the ordinary. I am not a spammer...

Number 7
(of today's catch-up)

haha. I don't get why blogger is determined to rotate this one ^.^

#212 Doodle Challenge

Number 6 
(of today's catch-up)

#213 Doodle Challenge

Number 5  
(of today's catch-up)

#214 Doodle Challenge

Number 4

#215 Doodle Challenge

Number 3

#216 Doodle Challenge

Number 2

#217 Doodle Challenge

Phew... I owe this doodle challenge 12 doodles today!

One thing is for sure, I am not a machine ;)

Number 1